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English short version

Artist statement

Water has always made a strong visual impression on me.

Although I’m just a human being, I’ve always longed for power over water.
So I struggle with the waves of water flooding over my paper. 
I lose control and fight to regain it through the waves. When that happens, the seventh wave makes the difference.

The fiercest ocean wave is usually the seventh one in a row.
That dirty grey seventh wave fascinated me as a child, at the beach where the Atlantic Ocean meets the sand dunes at Chincoteague Island and on Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the US…
That seventh wave had the green tint of melted glacier water where the Nordfjord meets its rocky shores in Western Norway.
That blackish brown seventh wave carried me to the edge of the pool beyond which the water sloshed away in an Eastern Norway waterfall.That’s where my strength was really tested, and I still connect to the color of  white foam as I struggle to regain control on paper.
These days the sea meets me with a sense of humor, because of all its potential. I let go of preciseness and study all the possible shapes. After the water has pulled back, and left my paper dry, I work on the raw materials of composition, surfaces, harmonies.

Colors have also left me with significant impressions.

Water will carry the colors around, so I work with colors. 
I’m the initiator, the strong will behind things. The colors confirm that water has spent time forming lines, creating texture, leaving its imprint.

I am inquisitive, so I paint. I have always looked closely, in places where no one else bothered to look. Because simple traces of anything can change into something else, become valuable treasures, as long as I keep dreaming and let my ideas give birth to new ideas and new ways to work. I look to find the relationships between colors. I check to see if they turn into a gem, or a part of the seascape, or if they just turn into plain mud on my paper.

I  long to understand these relationships, so I experiment. I exploit the potential of the way the color pigment stays on the paper, how it forms lines, edges, and texture. Water is allowed to leave its mark. Some call this the Nordic tradition of watercolor. Just the same, I am marked by the places I have lived, rooted in American techniques and use of color, rooted in the Norwegian mild light and long hours of dusk and dawn. 

As an art teacher

I invite my students to personal growth through drawing and painting.
I focus on how every student can develop his or her technique best.
I ensure a pleasant and positive environment where everyone can experience learning and growth.


Kontakt oss

Henvendelser vedr. Kurs eller Kunst kan rettes til:

Karin Keane: Mob. +47 90 82 51 16
Mail: post(at)karinkeane.no